From the Back or From the Front (1980)
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 67 min | Year: 1980 |  Japan

Yoko is the girlfriend of the boss of a biker gang Fukuzawa. A motorcycle cop also has the hots for her. Yoko, while attending high school, also works in a cabaret and has an uninhibited sex life. She has sex with Fukuzawa and customers who comes to the cabaret along with the girls who belong to the biker gang. There’s no love between her and Fukuzawa, but the motorcycle cop really loves her. Yoko also flirts with the motorcycle cop and eventually has sex with him. Yoko decides to leave Fukuzawa and the motorcycle gang, to be with the motorcycle cop.

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Cheating Notes

Original / Other Title:  後から前から

 Director:  Kôyû Ohara

Genres: Drama

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  26 December 1980

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