Gegenüber (aka Counterparts)
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 96 min | Year: 2007 |  Germany

Teacher Anne and policeman Georg are thought of as the perfect couple. However, appearances are deceptive: one of them is covered with scars and bruises. But which one is the abuser?

The Hoffmanns are a forty-odd-year old couple living in Essen. Their two children are students. They live in an apartment that they have been able to buy thanks to the help of Anne Hoffmann's father. Anne is a schoolmistress motivated by her job while her husband Georg is a police officer, calm and efficient, but not particularly interested in the advancement of his career. To put it briefly, they are a couple like millions of others... Until the day when Anne, feeling unconsciously that the family bliss is only on the surface, starts becoming violent. And her victim is no other than Georg...

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Cheating Notes

Anne starts becoming violent towards her husband Georg because she's experiencing a middle-life crisis. Her grown-up kids visit them less often and I guess her everyday, mundane life is getting to her.

One night, Georg brings his fellow cops to his home to drink because they forced him to. He tells them to be silent so that Anne will not wake up but she wakes up anyway. Instead of getting upset as Georg thought, she actually is glad to be partying with his workmates. She dances with Georg's colleague, the younger Michael, several times, with their bodies touching and her arms around him while Georg watches from a corner, looking not too happy.

One night, Georg takes a walk with a pretty, younger colleague of his. That means he is late coming home to his wife, so Anne talks to Michael on the phone, asking him where Georg is. Michael starts flirting with her on the phone. Meanwhile, Georg and his colleague start making out, but Georg stops because maybe he's not comfortable cheating on his wife.

Georg comes home and sees his wife fucking Michael on the couch. Instead of getting mad and violent, he just sits at the dining table and starts eating. Anne pushes him to do something but Georg wants nothing of it. She starts hitting him and Michael has to stop her. Georg leaves the apartment. Anne tells Michael to leave too and tells him that he and her husband are both losers.

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