Glorious Moment: A Woman’s Scroll (1972)
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 68 min | Year: 1972 |  Japan

Osono and Eisuke would like to get married but with her up to her neck in debt due to her late father's illness and him trying to raise the funds to start a business, they can't afford to do so. Osono agrees to work as a geisha and eventually is tricked into becoming a businessman's mistress, all because she wants to help her lover. The businessman, in turn, is actually only interested in training her so he can hand her over to a palace official in exchange for a trade agreement...

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Cheating Notes

Original / Other Title:  晴姿おんな絵巻

 Director:  Isao Hayashi

Genres: Pinku, Drama

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  8 January 1972

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