Hiram (2003)
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 115 min | Year: 2003 |  Philippines

Mila agrees to marry a middle-aged, rich banker who helped her mother win her murder case but she doesn't sever ties with her ex-boyfriend and instead starts an extramarital affair with him.

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Cheating Notes

Mila still sees her ex-boyfriend even after she gets married to the middle-aged rich banker. Throughout the film, she has several sex scenes with her husband and with her ex-boyfriend (before and after she gets married). Her husband fucks her in the bedroom, in the bathroom and also rapes her after he catches her talking to her ex-boyfriend on the phone. Her boyfriend fucks her on a wheat field before her marriage, and after she gets married, he fucks her in the front seat of a vehicle, beside a fish pond, and in a cottage by the beach.

One surprising and kinda hot scene near the end part is when Mila's ex-boyfriend fucks her single mom (1:19:27) when her mom confronts him, wanting him to leave Mila alone. Mila's ex-boyfriend starts forcing himself on her mom initially, but she eventually gives in. She feels guilty in the next scene and cries while talking to her daughter.

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Pmh.li (Cut. The sex scenes are there but stripped of nudity)

Categories: Asia, Cheating, Cheating Wife

 Director:  Romy Suzara

Genres: Action, Drama

Country:   Philippines
Release Date:  26 January 2003

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