Hitozuma Cosplay Kissa 2: Hitozuma LoveLove – Cosplay OVA (2007)
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 30 min | Year: 2007 |  Japan

There is a coffee shop "Sakurai" at a small shopping arcade owned by a beautiful widow, Sakurako. The number of customers is decreasing due to a new amusement park "Ocean Land" built nearby. One day an owner of "Ocean Land" brings up the plan to rebuild this small shopping arcade into a big shopping mall. Only Sakurako is opposed to that plan to defend her coffee shop full of good memories with her husband. The condition to stop this plan is to collect more customers than the coffee shop in "Ocean Land" does during summer. And a renewed costume play coffee shop "Sakurai" opens...

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Cheating Notes

The waitresses (at least two of them) are housewives. They have sex with Tomoya, a young bartender at the coffee shop. One of the waitresses is Tomoya's mom, later revealed as just his stepmom. He fucks her too. A sequel of Cosplay Cafe (2004).

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Episode 1

Episode 2

Original / Other Title:  人妻コスプレ喫茶2~人妻ラブラブ・コスプレOVA


Genres: Hentai

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  24 August 2007

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