Between The Navel And Knees (2014) aka The Groin
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 67 min | Year: 2014 |  South Korea

During the Joseon times, two men who don't believe in love make a bet. The corrupted affection stories begin!

Best friends Jang-won and Choi Min and his wife Eun-hye make a bet to overcome their boring lives. They risk their lives to go after the married woman who is well known for her chastity. However, the bet goes the wrong way and they learn what real love is...

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Cheating Notes

Two friends, Loser Guy and Ok Guy, make a bet on who can successfully seduce a wife known for her chastity.

29:22 Loser Guy's idea of seducing the wife is to force himself on her. He tries to fuck her on the beach in front of OK Guy, but of course, she rejects him and threatens to stab him.

38:19 Ok Guy's game has worked on the wife and they kiss when he teaches her how to use a sword. Loser Guy sees this and his ego is now more pricked than ever.

42:22 Loser Guy has his men kidnap the wife and then he rapes her. After that, he has dinner with Ok Guy and brags to him about it. The fucking loser really has nothing to brag about because he didn't seduce the wife but fucking raped her.


There was no indication that Ok Guy and the wife had sex. Did I watch a cut version? But other female characters did provide some sex scenes and Loser Guy's wife showed her boobs when the two had sex. Also, the chaste wife's husband wasn't shown and only her handmaiden was usually with her. Maybe he was out traveling somewhere.

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Original / Other Title:  배꼽과 무릎사이

 Director:  Lee Soong-hwan

Genres: Romance, Drama

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  22 May 2014

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