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 84 min | Year: 2018 |  Japan

"Jack" targets a fashion model and her photographer boyfriend, while the photographer's estranged wife and her new boyfriend are also drawn into the action.

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Cheating Notes

Jack detains the fashion model and her photographer boyfriend at his place, and then he also detains the photographer's estranged wife (they're separated but still processing the divorce papers) and her new boyfriend/fiance when they come to visit. He then subjects the four to sexual perversion in various degrees of configuration, including fucking the fashion model in front of her tied photographer boyfriend, or fucking the photographer's wife in front of the three, or letting the photographer and the wife's new fiance do the same with her, etc. He also makes the four do a sort of circular human centipede lovemaking. Well, you have to watch the film to see how exactly that goes.

The four victims have enjoyed their ordeal in one way or the other. The fashion model, right after Jack first fucked/raped her (her eyes are covered so she thought it has her boyfriend who was fucking her from behind), begs him to fuck her more. However, she gets disappointed in him because he says that the wife is better than her, and she hates the wife, so in the end, she attempts to tase him when she gets the chance.

The wife, meanwhile, smiles at Jack approvingly as he is about to leave them at the end part of the film, suggesting that she enjoyed what he made her do.

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Original / Other Title:  ホームジャック カルテット

 Director:  Yasushi Koshizaka

Genres: Drama

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  2 November 2018

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