Idiot Love (2004)
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Idiot Love
 104 min | Year: 2004 |  Spain Andorra

Pere-Lluc has a certain tendency to reflect upon his personal situation with irony and skepticism, though tinged with (sometimes black) humor; his actions are chaotic, excessive, and out of control: the result of the crisis he is going through. One night, while heading home drunk, he hits his head on the aluminum ladder a woman is using to hang banners from the streetlights. He falls to the ground and, slightly dazed, is mesmerized by the woman. As the days go by, he becomes more and more obsessed with her, who turns out to be married. She tortures him. We witness the story of his tormenting passion in his efforts to win her love.

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Cheating Notes

One night, while heading home drunk, Pere-Lluc hits his head on the aluminum ladder the wife is using to hang banners from the streetlights. He falls for her and begins stalking and spying on her. One night, she catches him spying on her in her place, She hits him with a log and tells him to leave her alone. However, during their next meetings, she gradually warms up to him.

At 50:25, the wife lets Pere-Lluc caress her leg and finger her in a bar while she is beside her husband.

At 59:20, the wife makes out sensually with Pere-Lluc in a cafe/inn, in front of men who enjoy the show. She then fucks him in a room at the same inn.

From then on, the two have sex several times in different public places: on the stairs of a building, in an alley, in a car and beside it, etc.



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Original / Other Title:  Amor idiota

 Director:  Ventura Pons

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Country:   Spain Andorra
Language:  Spanish, Catalan
Release Date:  12 November 2004

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