Sea Blue Eyes (2009)
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 86 min | Year: 2009 |  Russia

Quite a successful and wealthy businessman in the field of sales and evaluation of works of art, Konstantin Vasilyevich (Kosta), did not even suspect, letting his attractive wife Elena go on vacation, what consequences this could lead to. Tired of the gray everyday life of her husband's family and moderate despotism, eagerly breathing in the sweet air of sea romanticism, our charming heroine, having met the charming owner of a souvenir shop Nikita, completely surrenders to the heavenly amorous embrace of an all-consuming and mutual passion. But the happiness did not last long. Having learned from the envious and cynically prudent cafe owner Timur, who intended to expand his seaside business by buying a store from Nikita, about the relationship that had begun and Elena's firm intention to divorce, Konstantin Vasilyevich takes her back to hated Moscow. Unable to stay under the same roof with her unloved husband and passionately missing Nikita, Elena decides to voice Konstantin an understandable thought about all the stupid futility of their mutual relationship. Poor woman! The heroine of the film had no idea that the omnipresent and all-powerful Kosta, listening to all the telephone conversations of the two lovers suffering from separation, had long been privy to their secrets and had absolutely no intention of letting their dream come true with impunity. Defending his authority and hypertrophied sense of ownership, the esthete magnate is ready to do anything! Elena becomes really anxious when Nikita's phone number stops answering her piercingly long calls.

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Cheating Notes

A man decides to send his wife on a vacation by the sea, not suspecting that it will lead to her having an affair with the charming owner of a souvenir shop.

Original / Other Title:  Синие как море глаза, Sinie kak more glaza

 Director:  Georgy Deliev

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country:   Russia
Language:  Russian
Release Date:  15 February 2009

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