If I Were Someone (TV Series) (2015) aka Da sam ja netko
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 50 min | Year: 2015 |  Croatia

Follows three father-daughter relationships in the present; a girl Dora and her drug-dealing father, a soap-opera director medically caring for her father and the producer of the same soap-opera who cannot face her father.

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Cheating Notes

Episode 1

39:56 Wife of tattooed guy meets and kisses her lover, an older man. Earlier, she refuses her husband sex in bed.

Episode 2

14:17 Wife has sex with lover.

Episode 3

18:39 Lover surprises wife with a new car (?). Or maybe it got lost and he found it. They have sex inside it.

26:55 Wife gives lover a blowjob in the car, interspersed with scenes of her husband and her two kids playing in their house. The wife and her lover continue to meet, usually in parking lots, and fuck inside one of their cars.

35:00 Wife and lover fuck in the backstage of a TV station. He has a heart attack after.

Episode 7

The wife's lover's own wife has sex with her stepson, partly as revenge on her husband's infidelity. She has a baby bump when she fucks the young guy. Their lovemaking is quite hot.


Make sure to watch until Episode 7, as the second wife's cheating scene with her stepson is also hot, in fact, maybe even hotter than the first wife's cheating scenes.

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Original / Other Title:  Da sam ja netko

 Director:  Ivona Juka

Genres: Drama

Country:   Croatia
Language:  Croatian
Release Date:  11 October 2015

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