Kept (2001)
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 98 min | Year: 2001 |  United States of America

Dead bodies are piling up, and the leads the two LA homicide cops have point to Barbara, business manager for a successful architectural firm she runs with her husband Lance. The dead men were interns at the firm, and each of them was Barbara's lover (kept in a classy flat she owns and observed via closed-circuit TV by the applauding Lance). Kyle is Barbara's latest intern and lover, and he may be in danger. He also starts to fall in love with Barbara, and the feeling may be mutual. In the background are Erin, Lance and Barbara's myopic administrative assistant, and Tony, Kyle's one-time roommate who also knows Barbara. Can the cops solve this before too many more die?

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Cheating Notes

Barbara bangs the interns in her firm, with the approval of her husband who gets to watch her trysts via closed-circuit TV; a deal they made after he caught her cheating on him 5 years ago. Kyle is Barbara's latest intern and lover, and he may be in danger because someone was murdering her past intern lovers.

Some of Barbara's scenes with Kyle are at 19:29 (flirting at a party), 23:09 (she seduces him, he starts eating her pussy but she stops him after a while, maybe to keep him wanting more), 29:03 (their first full-on sex) and at 37:50 (second sex).

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