Lady of the Night (1986)
4.5 (2)

 90 min | Year: 1986 |  Italy

Simona is an aerobics teacher who is in love with her husband, Marco. One night, while walking the dog, she is attacked and raped in the atrium of the building where she lives, and she gets an unexpected pleasure. Shocked by her reaction rather than the actual aggression, she decides not to say anything to anyone, including her husband. From that moment, it becomes increasingly difficult for her to control her sexuality. It becomes increasingly difficult to refuse many advances she receives from men. In fact, she ends up provoking and encouraging, perhaps unconsciously, complete strangers.

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Russian dubbed.

Original / Other Title:  La signora della notte

 Director:  Piero Schivazappa

Genres: Drama

Country:   Italy
Language:  German, Italian
Release Date:  27 February 1986

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