Langit mo kaligayahan ko (2004)
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 94 min | Year: 2004 |  Philippines

This sensual drama depicts the story of an inseparable couple trying to cope with the obstacle in life.

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Cheating Notes

Rich kid Bobby wants Delia so bad but she's incredibly loyal to her impoverished husband, Felipe.

Cathy, Bobby's girlfriend, gets pissed at him for continuing to pursue Delia. She has a drink with his childhood friends one night and has sex with one of them.

Things get weird in the middle of the movie. Felipe wants to "give" Delia to Bobby because he learns that he has a terminal disease and will die soon. He does things that will make Delia hate him, like argue with her and deny her of sex. When those don't work, he and Bobby set up a plan where Cathy will have sex with him after a drinking session, and Delia will catch them in the act. Take note that Cathy isn't aware of their plan so she's really cheating on Bobby when she fucks Felipe.

Delia is pissed when she catches Felipe having sex with Cathy, but she still won't leave him, and won't even have revenge sex with Bobby as advised by her slutty friend (geez Delia, why so uptight?), so Felipe just leaves her in the end.

Delia gives birth to her and Felipe's kid. He hooks up with Bobby. She shows her gratitude for all his help by having sex with him and she and her baby live together with him in his big house. She's still legally married to Felipe at this point.

Felipe shows himself to Delia in the end, but it's actually to say goodbye as he dies a short while after that.

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Heavily cut. No sex scenes remain.

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