Decisiones: Mi Admirador Secreto (2007)


A husband sends his wife flowers but due to a miscommunication, she thinks that it’s from a secret admirer. Slightly hurt that she thinks that way, he continues sending her gifts and flowers, pretending that they are from her ‘secret admirer’. He eventually tells his young, handsome co-worker to pretend as the secret admirer, meet her and see if she’ll start an affair with him.

Deseo (2002)


A leftist wife whose communist husband is in jail starts a job as a maid for a rich pro-nazi man and ends up having an affair with him. Eventually, she leaves her husband for the rich asshole, who even beats her spouse up when the poor guy tries to confront him.

En Altamar (2018)


A wife comes sailing with her brother-in-law (her half-sister’s husband) and fucks him on an uninhabited island. But when the boat catches fire and they get stranded on the island, they have to find a way of getting rescued without their spouses knowing that they are together.