Love Actually… Sucks! (2011)
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NR  83 min | Year: 2011 |  Hong Kong

The movie is inspired by real-life events, and opens with a dramatic wedding feast. It pushes as many buttons as possible with these six tales about love, sex and decadence that has gone wrong: 1) a wedding sabotaged by a jealous ex-lover, 2) a brother and sister in an incestuous relationship, 3) a married male painter who falls in love with his young male life model, 4) a dance school teacher who is besotted with one of his students, a widowed rich woman, 5) a love triangle between Moon, a middle-aged woman, and two young men, one of whom is troublesome and she wants to get rid of him and 5) a lesbian couple, one of whom has role-play paranoia. The film celebrates the belief that life is love.

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Cheating Notes

Moon is dropped by her new boyfriend at her place and finds her ex-boyfriend waiting for her. Earlier at 8:05, she and her ex-boyfriend are still together and have implied sex. To her, he is already an ex but he's still hanging on and hoping and is aware that she's already seeing someone. He even sees a photo of her and her new boyfriend on her bedside table. He starts forcing himself on her and slaps her (26:30). Next thing we know, she is having sex with him consensually on the couch.

Right after her sex with her ex-boyfriend, we see Moon giving her new boyfriend a blow job. After that, they talk about her ex-boyfriend and she tells him that he forced himself on her earlier. She doesn't tell him the part where she's passionately riding him on the couch or the part where she was enjoying getting spooned by him. Her new boyfriend tells her to sue her ex-boyfriend for rape and she does that. After presenting himself in court for the said case, her ex-boyfriend slashes his wrist (not suicide, just a gesture) with a knife in front of her doorstep.

Moon's ex-boyfriend comes up to the rooftop of the building across her place and sees her having sex with her new boyfriend (52:30).  He will do something violent after.

Original / Other Title:  愛很爛

 Director:  Scud

Genres: Drama

Country:   Hong Kong
Release Date:  7 October 2011

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