Love is Over (1993)
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 87 min | Year: 1993 |  Hong Kong

Charlie is a senior manager of an insurance company. Due to the pressure of the job and the demands of the clients, he would do anything to get business. His wife, Pauline Chan, becomes increasingly dissatisfied with his attitude and left him. Charlie did not take this well at all and decided to take revenge on other women

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Cheating Notes

17:56 Charlie's mistress tells him that she's pregnant and it's him who impregnated her, not her husband. They have implied sex after that, and we only see the post-coital scene where she's lying naked in bed.

Charlie's wife (Pauline Chan) leaves him when she finds out about his mistress. She starts working at a massage parlor, the kind where clients can ask the masseuse for sexual service, and meets her husband there when he comes to visit along with his subordinates, but nothing really happened. She doesn't fuck anyone, not his subordinates, and she just disappears halfway thru the movie.

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Original / Other Title:  三劍俠與飛機妹

 Director:  Kung-Wing Fan

Genres: Comedy, Sex Comedy

Country:   Hong Kong
Language:  Cantonese
Release Date:  13 May 1993

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