Malikot ang agos ng tubig (2001)
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Year: 2001 |  Philippines

Viro has a boyfriend in school but she also has the hots for the houseboy, whom she has known since childhood.

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Cheating Notes

The chick has a boyfriend in school and she has sex with him in his car early on in the film.

At 15:00, the chick sees her family's houseboy taking a bath in the yard and likes what she sees. She has known him since childhood. She comes to him and seduces him. They start making out and petting out in the open and then they continue it in his hut where she undresses down to her panties. A short while after, the houseboy stops making love to her, afraid that her mother and grandma will kick him out of their household if they find out. She gets pissed and calls him a coward and asks him if he's gay, then she leaves.

At 31:22, the chick calls the houseboy gay again when they come across each other inside her home. He gets his ego pricked and starts forcing himself on her. She gives in quite easily because that is exactly what she intends to happen when she challenges his manhood. They begin making love on the couch but just as he is about to remove her panties, her boyfriend arrives outside and interrupts them with his car horn. She comes with her boyfriend and has sex with him in a hotel room. At the end of their scene, there's a second guy sleeping with them on the bed so maybe they had a threesome.

While with her boyfriend, the chick's mother dies and her grandma blames her for it. She gets thrown out of the house and becomes drenched in the rain while running aimlessly in the streets. A guy finds her sleeping in the back of his vehicle and takes her home where his mother nurses her. When she recovers after a few days, she has a drink with the guy and sleeps with him (52:35). He seems like a nice guy, but a few days later, he gets her drunk and lets his friend fuck her while she's unconscious in exchange for money.

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Original / Other Title:  Malikot ang agos ng tubig, Malikot ang agos

 Director:  Cesar S.B. Abella

Genres: Romance, Drama

Country:   Philippines
Release Date:  24 January 2001

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