Marfa Girl (2012)
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Marfa Girl
 105 min | Year: 2012 |  United States of America

A story centered on a directionless 16-year-old living in Marfa, Texas, and his relationships with his girlfriend, his neighbor, his teacher, a newly arrived local artist, and a local Border Patrol officer.

The story of Adam, a directionless 16-year-old teenager living in the working-class town of Marfa, Texas, and his sexual relationships with his teenage beanpole girlfriend Inez, twenty-something neighbor, Donna who's got a child and a b.f. in jail and casually decides to have sex with Adam in lieu of a birthday present, an aggressive local artist, and his pregnant high school teacher, Miss Jones while an unhinged, misogynistic border patrol agent, Tomek watches over the neighborhood. Though apparently a bright kid, he's not really into school, and when he falls asleep during a rather approximate account of the French Revolution, his pregnant teacher, with a circa-1984 Madonna crucifix earring, feels the need to give the boy a "birthday spanking." What ensues is a web of sex, drugs, and violence as the Latino skater punks adjust to their gritty, aimless life in the dead-end town.

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Cheating Notes

Donna is a teenage mom whose boyfriend and father of her baby is in jail. On the day of his birthday, Adam hangs out with her at her house with another male friend of theirs (20:00). She likes him and flirts with him. She tells him that she should give him a birthday present while looking at him with a very infatuated, flirty smile.

A few scenes after that, Donna and Adam hang out on her couch. She tells him that her birthday present for him would be a striptease since she's planning to be a stripper to support her kid and needs practice anyway. She takes her top off, exposing her bra to him, and then she mounts him. She doesn't even give him a striptease but just goes straight to kissing him. He tells her that Miguel, her boyfriend, might kill him. She says not to worry about it or something and leads him to her bedroom where they fuck beside her baby who is in a crib.

Donna and Adam have a few more bed scenes in the rest of the movie, but usually just post-coital dialog. There are other sex scenes in the movie involving other characters, like with Adam and his girlfriend Inez, or Marfa girl, who is into Latino dudes, with several Latino dudes including a cop.

In Marfa Girl Part 2 (2018), it is Inez's turn to have an affair with Miguel.

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