Odd Triangle (1968)
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 71 min | Year: 1968 |  United States of America

Barbara Lance stars as Allison, an unsatisfied housewife who teams up with her married neighbor Janet (Susan Whitman) to rent a houseboat where they can have trysts undisturbed. Allison has already accidentally caught Janet dallying with a young assistant landscaper (Steve Hawkes) in her home, so there is fear of discovery by the duo's lame-brained husbands. A slacker fisherwoman/masseuse Winnie befriends them at the dock, cueing orgies at the houseboat. Director Sarno doles out sex footage, involving the three having lesbian sex with his favorite prop, a noisy hand-massager plus various studs involved, as well as 4-girl action with Allison's slutty housemaid Greta.

Allison Harvey (Barbara Lance) is a bored housewife looking for kicks in this steamy and sophisticated film from sexploitation auteur Joseph Sarno. Teaming up with her unfaithful neighbor Janet and new friend Winnie, the trio – an Odd Triangle – rent a houseboat and embark upon a voyage of sexual discovery.

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Housewife Janet bangs a young assistant landscaper in her bedroom and nearly gets caught by her husband. She then proceeds to team up with her neighbor Allison, a bored housewife looking for kicks to rent a houseboat and embark upon a voyage of sexual discovery.

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