Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary (1975)
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R  101 min | Year: 1975 |  Mexico United States of America

Mexican horror film about an American painter named Mary (Cristina Ferrare) who is living in Mexico where she sells her works and also kills people for their blood. It turns out Mary is a vampire but not the traditional one with fangs. Since she has no fangs she must stab or slash the throats of her victims but soon she has a new man (David Young) in her life as well as a mysterious man (John Carradine) in black who appears to be doing the same type of murders.

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Cheating Notes

35:50 Mary's fellow female artist, who is attracted to her, sends Mary's boyfriend to buy some tequila at the store so that she can get her alone and seduce her. She takes her home and manages to get her naked and into the bath tub with her. They start kissing in the bath tub but the scene slowly fades out and cuts off.

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