El mirón (1977)
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El mirón
 96 min | Year: 1977 |  Spain

A middle-aged man keeps pushing his attractive wife to have sex with other men but when she finally does it, he becomes insanely jealous.

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Cheating Notes

The husband tries to make his wife fuck another man, a shoeshiner. But it fails, because on the first attempt, she's not feeling it, and on the second one, the shoeshiner gets admitted to a hospital. At one time, the husband imagines that he and his wife are petting heavily on the couch while her shoes are being shined by the shoeshiner, and then he makes the shoeshiner eat his wife's pussy.

The husband also talks to his wife about the possibility of her hooking up with a rich friend of theirs. He also imagines her having sex with that friend. But nothing develops out of this.

In the end, the wife finally has sex with another man, specifically, a young man that lives on the same floor as them. She fucks him first before confessing to her husband about it. And when he finds out, he shows his jealousy, accusing her that she doesn't really love him, calling her a slut, and even slapping her. What an idiot. He always pushes his wife to be with another man but when it happens, he gets jealous and freaks out, just like what his wife told him will happen. He apparently even had other women but he told his wife that he loves her despite that, which she accepted, and now, when it's her turn to say that she loves him even if she had sex with another man, he won't accept it.

I guess a big part of the husband's jealousy is because the wife chose to sleep with someone he did not pick, therefore making him not in control, and as an egoistic prick, he didn't like that much. All hope is not lost with him, though. When his rage finally subsides, he reconciles with his wife and they have wonderful sex. But then he starts asking her about the details of her sexual encounter with the young man and starts getting jealous again, and so his cycle of feelings of jealousy and arousal begins. He tells his wife to invite the young man and his partner to dinner, to let them know that what happened isn't such a big deal. They do it, but the wife looks at her husband wearily at the dinner table, silently telling him that he never learns and never will.

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