Mazzabubù… Quante corna stanno quaggiù? (1971) aka Mazzabubu … How Many Horns are Down Here?
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 81 min | Year: 1971 |  Italy

A 1971 episodic film directed by director Mariano Laurenti. The structure of the film is actually made up of three main episodes interspersed with short sketches or jokes.

During a monologue on the theme of adultery, a man reviews a series of famous and anonymous cases of conjugal betrayals ...

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Cheating Notes

A middle-aged football fan is watching a football game at the stadium. The man shouts and curses at the referee, telling him that he's a cuckold, not realizing that his beautiful wife is kissing another fan beside her. A spectator beside him alerts him about his wife. He tells the spectator that he is aware of the situation and in fact, he says it's better that way because if she had stayed at home with the one who is currently kissing her, she would have gone to bed with him.

A man is arrested in relation to a woman who got beaten up. A group of onlookers claims that he had beaten his wife after discovering her betrayal. In reality, the woman, whose husband is among the crowd, has another lover besides the arrested man, and it's this other lover of her who beat her when he caught her with the arrested man.

The two Sicilian friends Franco Bello and Ciccio Merendino seek advice to save their marriages in crisis, which are put even more at risk by the creation of the new divorce law which they are against. The only solution seems to be transgression and wife swapping as proposed by an intellectual. But their consorts are not so open to the idea.

A man discovers his wife's betrayal with his best friend when he catches them together in bed. The betrayed husband expresses his disappointment calmly and without lifting a finger as he looks at the two lovers continue their lovemaking.

An art critic suspects that a painter used Carla as his inspiration in drawing one of his abstract paintings. To verify this, he lets his wife make love to the painter in front of him.

An Eskimo scolds his wife because, in his absence, she wasn't so hospitable and did not give herself completely to a traveler in their igloo (when he arrived, she hopped in bed with the guest and just pretended to be making love to him).

A door-to-door encyclopedia salesman uses the weapon of seduction to sell his wares. Among his victims is the beautiful wife of a naive cheesemonger.

During their honeymoon in a hotel, the Bolognese Lucius doubts the virginity of his wife Emma. They ​​argue and he leaves her in the room and tries to console himself with a prostitute. Following the prostitute's advice, he regrets what he did and returns to his wife, who, while he's gone, has really lost her virginity to a hotel staff who came in and consoled her.

Before leaving, the crusader Agilulf gave the key to his wife 's chastity belt to his friend Boemondo, ordering him to use it if he hasn't returned after three years. But after a few miles of riding, the latter catches up to him to tell him that he gave him the wrong key.

Commendatore Bordiga convinces Bepi, a Venetian farmer, to sell him his sperm because he would like to have a child but is sterile. In reality, his wife has been taking birth control pills and betrays him with the doctor who diagnosed his impotence as she wants the doctor, and not him, to be her child's father.

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