Cream Horn (1981) aka Cornetti alla crema


Mariana and Domenico are on the run from her jealous boyfriend who just happens to be an over-jealous professional football player. A married tailor for the clergy (Lino Banfi) meets a beautiful would-be church singer (Edwige Fenech) on a business trip and convinces her that he is actually his lothario business partner and upstairs neighbor. When she shows up unexpectedly in his place in Rome, he borrows his neighbor’s flat and installs her there, trying […]

Lovers and Other Relatives (1974)


In Versillia’s sandy beaches during the summer of 1956, a gawky adolescent, Sandro, spends his vacation by the sea, along with his family and the intriguingly beautiful Laura, wife of Sandro’s older brother, Renzo. Under those circumstances, strange as it may seem, at first, Sandro seems annoyed by Laura’s presence, however, little by little, as the two of them spend more and more time together at the beach, something will ignite a spark of interest […]

Spaghetti a mezzanotte (1981) aka Spaghetti at Midnight

December 30, 2020

Savino La Gastra discovers that his wife Celeste is having an affair with an architect: Andrea. Even if he is also cheating with Elvira, a judge’s wife, he decides to ask a mobster to kill his wife. In the meantime, Celeste is organizing a surprise party for Savino’s birthday, and when that day arrives, things get complicated. First, Savino accidentally kills the assassin in charge to kill Celeste; second, his lover Elvira comes to the […]