Mektoub, My Love: Canto Uno (2017)
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 180 min | Year: 2017 |  Tunisia France Italy

Amin, an aspiring screenwriter living in Paris, returns home for the summer, to a fishing village in the South of France. It is a time of reconnecting with his family and his childhood friends. Together with his cousin Tony and his best friend Ophélie, he spends his time between the Tunisian restaurant run by his parents, the local bars and the beaches frequented by girls on holiday. Enchanted by the many female characters who surround him, Amin remains in awe of these summer sirens while his dionysiac cousin throws himself into their carnal delights with euphoria. Armed with his camera and guided by the bright simmer light of the Mediterranean coast, Amin pursues his philosophical quest while gathering inspiration for his screenplays. When it comes to love, only Mektoub (‘destiny' in Arabic) can decide.

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Cheating Notes

At the beginning of the film, Amin notices Tony's (his cousin) moped parked by the side of a house. He peeks through the window of the house and sees Tony fucking Ophelie, a childhood friend of his. It's a hot and quite long sex scene.

Amin knocks on Ophelie's door, triggering Tony to escape out of the backdoor. Ophelie answers the door nervously and is quite relieved that it's not someone else on the door. Through her nervous dialog with Amin, we learn that she has a fiance who is currently serving in the navy, specifically on the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle.

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  1. The sex scene takes place in the opening of the movie where amin upon returning home, cycles to meet his childhood friend Ophelie, where to his shock watches her getting fucked from behind by his cousin tony. Amin peeks through the window and sees ophelie and tony having sex. Scene starts with the song Ya Zina. Ophelie is being banged by tony doggystyle , ophelie drags tonys hand to her pussy as he is fucking her, he rubs her pussy while kissing her licks it and ophelie licks his fingers. Ophelie while being engaged to another militarty guy was having an affair with tony for 5 years, which we get to know when she admitted to amin. All the kissing scenes between ophelie and tony are so hot. In the continued series she gets eaten out by some random dude in the club toilet and also finds out that she is pregnant with tony’s child.

    One of the greatest unfaithful cheating whore of a girlfriend ever.

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