My Mother’s Private Tutoring
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 61 min | Year: 2018 |  Japan

The would-be son-in-law Sage is surprised to see his future father-in-law's second wife. His future mother-in-law is Yu-ko, his teacher in high school whom he had a crush on! Two people looking at each other, feeling surprised and welcoming. She is going to be her mother-in-law, but Sage still can't shake off his desire for her.

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Cheating Notes

The more correct translation of the title 장모님의 개인교습 would be: My Mother-in-law's Private Lesson

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Original / Other Title:  My Mother-in-law's Private Lesson, 장모님의 개인교습

 Stars:  Nao Mizuki

Genres: Softcore JAV

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  1 January 2018

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