Nights of Serafina (1996)
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Nights of Serafina
 95 min | Year: 1996 |  Philippines

Anton, a wealthy logger marries Serafina, a woman from the slums of Manila. They move to Anton's house in the province where they live with Anton's domineering and disapproving mother, and Rudy, his younger brother who is cohabiting with his girlfriend Betty. Serafina finds out in no time that Anton is impotent because of an accident in his youth. Disappointed about it and getting more bored in provincial life, she wanders around and witnesses Betty getting it on with a logger employed by Anton's family in the woods. She soon goes back to Manila for a vacation along with Diana, a young maid who is mesmerized by her personality. During the trip back home, she has a tryst with a persistent man on the ship, witnessed by Diana who promises that she won't tell her husband about it. Serafina is then shocked to learn later that the man will be working for Anton to reign in his logging company's disgruntled workers. Serafina tries to avoid him, but soon she can no longer resist the temptation. What was supposed to be just a one-night stand turns into a full-blown affair.

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No sex scenes in these clips, just situations and some dialog hinting at the wife's affair. Turn the subtitles on. If you happen to find the full movie, please post it in the comments.

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