Pendular (2017)
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 108 min | Year: 2017 |  Germany Argentina Brazil France

The loving relationship between a sculptor and a dancer.

The trajectory of a romantic couple of contemporary artists reveals how the limits, contradictions and obsessions of a romantic relationship are reflected in each of their artistic endeavors.

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Cheating Notes

At 30:17, the wife dances sexily with two guys in a bar. They are her co-dancers and one guy is her constant practice partner (I think... I'm not quite sure because the scene is quite dark). She then kisses each of them, like the make-out kind of kiss. Her husband sees them but he doesn't know how to react and just smiles back when she smiles at him. They then kiss passionately and when they get home, they have hot sex on the couch, with him fucking her from behind.

The couple has sex again at 44;29 (he buries his face in her butt) and 1:18:32 (a little weird because she's the one fucking him from behind).


The couple's sex after the husband sees her making with two guys on the dance floor is hot.


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