S.O.S. Sex-Shop (1984)
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 86 min | Year: 1984 |  Brazil

After seven years, the marriage of the real state agent Claudio and Elisa loses the sex drive and becomes boring. Elisa has not come for three years and Claudio tells his problem to his co-workers Aristides, Dinho and Gilberto. Dinho and Gilberto take him to a sex-shop and Dinho gives a sex-toy tongue to him. When Claudio uses the tongue in his wife, she fells pleasure and has an orgasm but Claudio feels impotent. Elisa tells her problem to her colleague Leda that is lesbian and gives new neckline dresses to her. Meanwhile Dinho invites Claudio and Elisa to have a drink at his apartment with his wife Sueli and then he chats Elisa up. When Claudio’s first wife Beatriz travels with her boyfriend Ronaldo to Buenos Aires, she leaves their son Marcelo with Claudio that brings the boy to his home. Claudio’s mother comes to visit her grandson and she finds the couple arguing and ending their relationship. But they air their dirty laundry in public and resolve their issues.

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Cheating Notes

56:22 Elisa, Claudio's wife starts having lesbian sex with her friend Leda in the latter's dress shop but Leda's young black employee, who secretly peeps on them, disrupts them when he leans too heavily on the door and makes it go down.

1:02:03 Dinho, Claudio's friend, comes to his home and has some sexy time with Elisa, but Elisa changes her mind and doesn't go all the way with him.

1:15:56 Leda visits the couple's home, kissing Elisa in front of Claudio.

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Original / Other Title:  Como Salvar Meu Casamento

 Director:  Alberto Salvá

Genres: Comedy

Country:   Brazil
Language:  Portuguese
Release Date:  1 January 1984

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