Sex Stories (2009)
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Sex Stories (2009)
 90 min | Year: 2009 |  France

Two dinners are held simultaneously. Agathe invites three friends, Sandrine, Jennifer and Lise. Meanwhile, Jean-Philippe receives Bertrand, Seb and Franck. The two groups know each other, some are in a relationship, and each dinner participant talks about his/her sexual experiences from his/her point of view. The views of men and women are often paralleled. Many pornographic flashbacks illustrate their words. From the outset, Jennifer announces that she has just made love in a car with an ex, Simon who was accompanying her. Lise is scandalized by what she considers as exhibitionism, and bounces on a statistic that she finds little credible: a magazine announces that there are 400 000 swingers in France. Sandrine tells a foursome adventure that went wrong with her husband Bertrand and a couple, Elisa and Clément from the internet. Jean-Philippe has prepared a meal massalé for his guests, but he is concerned because his girlfriend Caroline does not stop calling him but he lies to her telling him he will not be free of the week. He soon confesses to the group that he is no longer in love with her. In reality, he fantasizes about her mother, Agatha. Seb, meanwhile, boasts of his many shots of a night but his friends know he does not really satisfy his partners. Lise tells their trying anal sex with Franck.

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Cheating Notes

Flashback scene. Sandrine and her husband Bertrand swung with another couple they met on the Internet (14:00).

Bertrand brags to his friend that he fucked Jennifer, Sandrine's friend who is also at the females' dinner. We get a flashback scene of that (32:49).

Bertrand brags to his friends that Sandrine isn't cheating on him. That she could be into both boys and girls but only if he is involved. We then get a flashback scene of Sandrine cheating on him. She fucked a guy in an adult cinema (1:13:30).

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Original / Other Title:  Histoires de sexe(s)

 Director:  Ovidie, Jack Tyler

Genres: Adult, Comedy

Country:   France
Language:  French
Release Date:  13 October 2009

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