Sombat Phi (2012)
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Sombat Phi
 81 min | Year: 2012 |  Thailand

A bandit gets ambushed while hiding their loot in a cave and turns to a ghost to watch over his treasure. 3 years later, some villagers find some gold coins in the cave and words spread about the treasure. Many treasure hunters come for it.

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Cheating Notes

The local man's girlfriend (or wife) seduces and fucks a camper/treasure hunter so that she can enter his room and steal the treasure that he found. Their interaction starts at 54:31.

Original / Other Title:  สมบัติผีa

 Director:  Panyanee
 Stars:  Bua Boris, Am Walalak

Genres: Thriller

Country:   Thailand
Language:  Thai
Release Date:  4 April 2012

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