Sous mes yeux (2002)
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 91 min | Year: 2002 |  France

Young computer enthusiast Liam runs a website streaming video of his every action captured on a webcam. He lives a reclusive life, temporarily staying in a friend’s apartment in Paris until waitress Alison and her British husband, James, move in.

While waiting for a supportive housing, a couple, James and Alison, settle for some time in an apartment already occupied by a young man, Liam. This young roommate almost never leaves the apartment and indulges in a strange game: equipped with a webcam, it is filmed at any moment and re-transmits live images on his personal website. James and Alison, entering into Liam's daily life, become in turn "actors" of his site. The couple, apparently very in love, displays a free sexuality and is curious about Liam. As the days go by, a troubled relationship develops between the three protagonists. Alison enjoys being filmed by Liam. James, from his office, consults the site of Liam and discovers an Alison who, in front of the camera of the young man, indulges in an intimate way, evoking directly the special relationship she has with men. Through the camera, James finally understands that Alison does not like him as he imagined; Gradually, Liam becomes witness to the collapse of the couple.

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Cheating Notes

Liam films the couple having sex (35:00), with their knowledge, then he films the wife while she's in the bathroom (37:56), without hers. She gets mad when she notices his camera.

Liam films the wife while she is sleeping naked (58:10). Her husband watches in his office as Liam streams the video live via his website.

The wife speaks while Liam films her, then she spreads her legs and takes her panties off in front of the camera (1:08:40). Her husband nearly chokes while watching the stream in his office. The wife then lies down on the bed and tells Liam to fuck her. He couldn't because he regresses into a child-like state.

Finally, the wife fucks Liam at the end part of the film (1:25:05), just before she leaves her husband. Her husband sees their sex on Liam's website as Liam also streams it.

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Original / Other Title:  Sous mes yeux, Right Under My Eyes

 Director:  Virginie Wagon

Genres: Drama, TV Movie

Country:   France
Language:  English, French
Release Date:  23 June 2002

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