Spider Forest
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 112 min | Year: 2004 |  South Korea

A recently widowed TV producer is drawn to an isolated cabin in a mysterious woods. Kang Min regains his consciousness 14 days after brain surgery following a mysterious accident he had in the forest. Shockingly enough, the first thing he says is that two people died in Spider Forest. Detective Choi, Kang Min's friend, finds a couple brutally murdered at a cottage in the forest, just like Kang Min described. As the couple found dead at the cottage are identified as Choi Jong-phil, his senior from work, and Hwang Soo-young, his girlfriend, Kang Min becomes both a witness and key suspect in the investigation.

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Cheating Notes

Acting on a tip from an anonymous caller, Kang Min goes to an isolated cabin in Spider Forest. There, he finds her girlfriend, Hwang, getting pounded from behind by her boss. Actually, he is also Kang Min's boss since he and his girlfriend work in the same TV station.

Kang Min just proposed to Hwang a few days earlier, and her reply is that she needs more time to accept his proposal. Before they fuck in the cabin, Hwang tells her boss that they have to talk. I think what she wants to tell him is that she wants their affair to end because she is going to accept Kang Min's proposal. But she is cut off by her boss who is in a hurry to fuck her already. I guess she lets him fuck her for the last time because she wants his alpha dick (alpha, being he's the boss) inside her for the last time before she gets married to her beta boyfriend (beta, being he is just a subordinate of the boss).

But of course, who's to say that she won't continue her affair with her boss after she gets married? I mean, if her boss maintains his dominant position over her husband in the station, which will retain her attraction towards him because cheating sluts like men with power, and they will still work at the same station and will see each other everyday, that means they'll have plenty of chances to find time and fuck behind her husband's back.

But I'm afraid they might not get into that stage, depending on what Kang Min will do that night after he has seen her getting doggy-styled by their boss.

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Original / Other Title:  거미숲

 Director:  Song Il-gon

Genres: Thriller, Horror

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  3 September 2004

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