The Carnal Sutra Mat (1987)
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The Carnal Sutra Mat
 90 min | Year: 1987 |  Hong Kong

This sublimely filmed erotic piece concerns a nobleman who sets out on a journey of sexual conquest when he finds that his new young wife is not enough to satisfy his insatiable sexual desires. Things progress nicely until he steals the young wife of a vengeful and proud husband, who decides to exact revenge. The spurned man embarks on his own journey, to the home of the wife of the nobleman.

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Cheating Notes

The nobleman fucks two wives on his journey. The first wife runs a textile shop with her husband, who is supposed to be ugly. The second one is the wife of an old scholar/teacher who prays at the temple to have a child.

The first wife's husband finds out about it, but he is forced to accept payment from the nobleman. He gets his revenge by working at the home of the wife of the nobleman, seducing the nobleman's wife, and when she falls for him and elopes with him, selling her to a whore house.

Meanwhile, the second wife's husband goes to the whore house, fucks the nobleman's wife, and then brags about it to the nobleman, who at that point, thinks that his wife has died. When the nobleman employs the service of the said whore, he finds out that she is his own wife.

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Original / Other Title:  浮世風情繪, Yu Pui Tsuen II, Yu Pui Tsuen (1996 re-release title), 足本玉蒲團, 正宗肉蒲團

 Director:  Ho Fan

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Country:   Hong Kong
Language:  English, Cantonese
Release Date:  1 October 1987

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