The Crew (2008)
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R  117 min | Year: 2008 |  United Kingdom

Hoping to raise enough capital to finance a legitimate business and leave behind his life of crime, Liverpool underworld boss Ged Brennan sends his brother Ratter and a crew to pull a daring final heist. But when Ratter kills a drug kingpin during the job, Brennan must turn to rival crook Franner to avert an all-out gangland war.

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Cheating Notes

Brief Summary: A british gangster does robberies. But because of this, it takes a toll on his marriage. His wife who's very sexually starving can't get him to feel the same. Her "friend" shows up at her place while her husband and her son go out. They do cocaine together which tells you this female friend of hers is not a very good one but that's for a reason...SPOILERS don't read after this if you wanna watch the movie. Basically, the reason why the female friend is close to the wife is that she and her boyfriend want to get a hold of the main character's money. The wife is stupid and doesn't realise this until it's to late.

So the wife forces her husband to go a party that this "friend" is hosting with her boyfriend. The husband notices the female friend trying to seduce his wife. He gets annoyed by it, but doesn't think his wife would ever do something like that. Boy oh boy is he wrong. The wife is trying to kiss him at one point but he gets a phone call which is something that she hates when it happens. He tells her that they should leave. Her friend being the sneaky little slut she is, grabs her and runs upstairs to a locked room.

The husband being a gangster means he has no time to waste and must go so he leaves his wife there. The wife obviously falls for the female friend's seduction and they have sex. Lesbian Sex is at 51:42.

The friend does manages to get the wife's money after seducing her one more time at her house. Then the friend and her boyfriend disappear to Spain. This pisses the husband off a lot but he starts understanding that he hasn't treated his wife the best which is why it lead to this.

The movie does end with revenge for people who like that. At the end of the movie the husband finds out where the female friend and her boyfriend are. He walks towards their house with a gun. The screen cuts to credits but we all what happened hehe.

It should be noted, the female friend has one scene in spain where she genuinely looks sad at what she did to the wife. So maybe real emotions were involved but money mattered more.


Sex scenes: Not bad...the wife is fairly hot. She gives off that sexy wifey vibe, also nice tits on here. First scene with the husband where he can't get it up so she gets upset. Second is the lesbian sex scene where she cheats. They are mostly clothed but you do get to see the wife's left breast pop out of her dress. Nice moaning...there is also one last sex scene the wife has with the husband in the movie. They make up and this time he does good. But obviously lesbian stuff takes the win.

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