The Deal (2022) aka La Octava Cláusula
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 80 min | Year: 2022 |  Mexico

Borja has built up a very profitable company with the help of his wife Cat's father. But he has passed and Borja wants the firm for himself so he directs his lawyer to draft a contract in which his wife sells it to him. He will force her to sign it. His leverage is her affair with his best friend: the eighth clause in the contract requires them to admit and reenact their sexual activities. However, they are interrupted by a pair of robbers. Someone gets killed and it does not work out as Borja expects. Much of the film takes place as flashbacks in a police interrogation of Borja.

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Cheating Notes

Borja has pictures of his wife Cat's trysts with his best friend Marcos. They're not really nude but very telling of the affair. These pictures are what he uses to force Cat to sign the contract, whose eight clause demands that she and Marcos have sex in front of him.

Cat and Marcos agree to the eight clause and they start having sex in front of Borja at 47:19. They start kissing and petting on the couch in the living room and transfer to the bedroom, with Cat undressing down to her black bra and panties. They pet heavily but don't really finish because Cat is uncomfortable with the random lady guest (who told them that her car broke down) still at the house.

There's sex with nudity in the car between the male robber and some chick he just met at 31:59.

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Original / Other Title:  La Octava Clausula, The Eighth Clause

 Director:  Koko Stambuk

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Country:   Mexico
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  29 April 2022

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