The Family Friend (2006)
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 102 min | Year: 2006 |  Italy France

Geremia is a seventy-year-old tailor which is actually a cover for the fact that he is a loan shark. Lonely and sleazy he preys on the needy and during the loan deals poses as a family friend to surround himself with people. One such family borrows money for their daughter's wedding and Geremia becomes a self-appointed helper and starts arranging things for the young couple. Eventually, he falls for the bride-to-be, a winner of the local beauty pageant, and the film becomes a kind of beauty and the beast tale. She is the gorgeous young girl overly fond of dancing and he amongst other things is a seedy, beastly rapist.

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Cheating Notes

At 27:54, a wife lets the 70-year-old loan shark grope her while he searches for a ring in her jeans' pocket. This is as an 'unofficial' part of their payment for the loan they took from him since they have trouble paying for it in cash.  Her husband is just in the corner and allows it to happen. I'm not sure if this scene implies that she's gonna have sex with the loan shark as the scene immediately cuts off after he gets the ring from her pocket.

At 53:55, a bride sucks the loan shark's dick in her dressing room on her wedding day. We see her kneel in front of him to start sucking his dick but the shot is non-explicit. It is also implied that he also fucks her this day, which we learn through their dialog later at her mom's funeral where they discuss her pregnancy.

After a few meetings and dialogs between the bride (now wife) and the loan shark, she comes to his place and announces to him at the door that she has no panties on (1:24:10). She tells him that, although falling in love with him is an awful, disgusting thing, it still happened and she's not gonna run away and regret it for the rest of her life. She has sex with him. There's a slight pumping scene and we see her naked on his bed.

There's a plot twist at the end that will change things a little bit.

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Original / Other Title:  L'amico di famiglia

 Director:  Paolo Sorrentino

Genres: Drama

Country:   Italy France
Language:  Italian, French
Release Date:  1 October 2006

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