The Man Who Died (TV Mini Series) (2022)
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The Man Who Died
 45 min | Year: 2022 |  Finland

Jaakko, a mushroom entrepreneur, finds out too late that he has been fatally slow-poisoned by persons unknown. He sets out to find the culprits before he dies.

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Cheating Notes

In episode 1, 10:40, the husband comes homes and finds his wife riding the dick of their company's delivery boy on a deckchair beside their pool. We see her naked backside, her buttcrack and some side boob.

In Episode 6, 26:04 we see a flashback scene of the wife on top of the delivery boy, feeding him cookies after sex. The nudity is again strategic.

Original / Other Title:  Mies joka kuoli

 Director:  Samuli Valkama

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Mystery, Drama

Country:   Finland
Language:  Japanese, suomi
Release Date:  19 June 2022

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