The Night Buffalo (2007)
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NC-17  102 min | Year: 2007 |  Mexico

A schizophrenic man commits suicide after his girlfriend cheats on him with his best friend.

Unable to cope with the fact that his girlfriend Tania cheated on him with Manuel, his best friend, Gregorio, a twenty-two-year-old schizophrenic sets an elaborate revenge plan into motion before taking his own life. He has been in and out of mental hospitals for years. During his time away, his girlfriend and Manuel began an illicit affair. Before long they have fallen in love. Though Gregorio and Manuel seem to reconcile after he is discharged from the hospital, everything changes when Gregorio commits suicide. Upon his death, Manuel inherits a box of notes, lyrics, and other curiosities from his old friend. Later, he begins receiving unsigned letters quoting Gregorio's writings and starts hearing excerpts from the letters in conversation and in the media, leading the unscrupulous friend to fear for his own sanity.

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Cheating Notes

21:20 A flashback scene. Cheating sex between Gregorio and Manuel's girlfriend Tania. He takes her virginity.

51:20 A flashback dialog scene.Tania tells Gregorio that they can't do what they're doing to Manuel while he is at the mental hospital, signifying that they're really cheating on him.

1:00:40 Gregorio pets with an ex-girlfriend of his at her house after her boyfriend just left. She gets naked.

There are other non-cheating sex scenes in the movie.

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Original / Other Title:  El búfalo de la noche

 Director:  Jorge Hernández Aldana

Genres: Drama

Country:   Mexico
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  20 January 2007

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