The Stone Merchant (2006)
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 119 min | Year: 2006 |  Italy

A thesis picture: is Western Europe turning a blind eye to the dangers of Islamic fundamentalism? Professor Alceo Bandini believes so. He writes and lectures to a few students at a Roman university; he's also a victim of a terrorist attack in Kenya where he lost both legs. On a short holiday in Cappadoccia with his wife Leda, they meet Shahid, an enigmatic cleric, and Ludovico Vicedomini, a forceful gem merchant. Back in Rome, Ludovico seduces Leda while Alceo is suspicious of his new acquaintances' politics. The police counter-terrorists discount Alceo's fears: he's paranoid and jealous, they believe. What is going on?

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Cheating Notes

The forceful gem merchant (Harvey Keitel), who is old but alpha as fuck, I mean it's Harvey Keitel, fucks the disabled professor's wife (Jane March).

Watch Full Movie Online (will auto-start at 57:06, the wife and the gem merchant's first fuck... she rides him hard and moans hard)

Original / Other Title:  Il mercante di pietre

 Director:  Renzo Martinelli

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Country:   Italy
Language:  Italian, Portuguese
Release Date:  15 September 2006

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