Thunder Among the Leaves (aka El trueno entre las hojas)
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 95 min | Year: 1957 |  Argentina Paraguay

The arrival of the boss's young wife unearths laborer tensions accumulated after many years of deprivation and maltreatment. The story is a social drama about the exploitation of man.

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Cheating Notes

Isabel Sarli is way ahead of her times in terms of body curves, sex appeal and the propensity to display them. In this movie, she cheats with one of her husband's laborers. They had sex, but it's only implied and only their kissing scene is shown. Isabel Sarli does get naked here when she takes a dip in the river and in one dream sequence, which is quite surprising for a 1950s film.

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Original / Other Title:  El trueno entre las hojas

 Director:  Armando Bó

Genres: Drama

Country:   Argentina Paraguay
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  1 January 1957

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