Tödliche Versuchung (2013)
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 90 min | Year: 2013 |  Germany

When the green box is being delivered, organic farmer Helena (Julia Koschitz) stumbles over the dashing David, a law student and starts an affair with him. In fourteen years of marriage, Helena and Thomas have transformed the infatuation of the first years into a dependable, constant affection. But her husband feels that she is keeping something from him. He spies on her, challenges David, and kills him. Later there is silence between the spouses. Then the detective is at the door because the review of David's cell phone connections leads to Helena. And then she discovers what Thomas has done. Only now there is a debate. They want to save the marriage and cover up the murder.

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Cheating Notes

The wife meets the student on the street while she is looking at a dress in the window of a shop.

The wife buys the dress, her husband tells her to wear it and he fucks her. He cums early, leaving his wife disappointed.

The wife starts dating the student. At 11:49, she comes to his place and has sex with him.

The husband tries to have sex with the wife but she refuses, probably because she just had satisfying sex with the student.

The husband follows his wife to her lover's place and sees her petting with him through the window (17:10). He doesn't confront them and leaves bothered.

At 18:45, the wife comes to the student's place again and has implied sex with him.

The husband comes to the student's place to confront him. The student says something that makes him mad so he hits him with a bottle of alcohol and kills him. He brings and hides his body in his barn.

The cop comes to the couple's place and interviews the wife. Later, the wife finds the body of her lover in the barn. She burns it, and she tells her husband that she knows what he did and they agree to cover it up.

At 58:58, the husband rapes the wife.

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Original / Other Title:  Tödliche Versuchung, Deadly Temptation

 Director:  Johannes Fabrick

Genres: TV Movie, Drama, Crime

Country:   Germany
Language:  German
Release Date:  20 April 2013

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