Secret of a Housewife (1999) aka Hiiro no Koku


A housewife gets raped by a bunch of men. As it turns out she likes it and her life becomes a succession of perverted sexual adventures.

Details for the Hentai Hiiro no Koku

Other Titles:  Hi-iro no Koku, Time Colored Scarlet, Scarlet Moment, 緋色の刻

Genre: Hentai

Country: Japan

Number of episodes: 5

Cheating Scenes in Hiiro no Koku

Episode 1

The husband hires a detective to find his wife (Etsuko), who has been missing for a month.

We see the wife being led by a guy (Shima) into an underground sex club. There, she gets fucked in front of an audience. At first, she is reluctant but she begins to like it. When she comes home from the club, she starts telling us how this all began.

In the beginning

The wife sends off her husband and her daughter to work. Someone knocks on the door. It is a group of young men. They enter her home forcibly and start raping her. They tell her that they’ve been watching her for some time, that she’s the hottest MILF in the neighborhood. They add that her nice body is wasted on her husband, who they say is being neglectful to deprive a hot wife like her of great sex. Then, they proceed to gangbang her.

Later that day, the wife greets her husband and her daughter normally when they come home, like she wasn’t royally gangbanged earlier in the day.

The next morning, while doing the dishes, the wife suddenly remembers that the gang told her that they will come back that day to fuck her again. She rushes to lock her doors. But suddenly, she remembers the events of yesterday, the pleasure she felt while getting fucked by the men, so, instead of locking her doors she unlocks and opens her doors to make sure that the gang will enter easily that day.

While shaking her head because of what she just did, the gang arrives. She resists (or pretends to) at first, and makes an excuse that she was just letting in the breeze, that’s why she opened her doors. The gang fucks her again.

At one point, the biggest guy (a black guy and has a big dick) in the gang fucks her exclusively. While he is in the middle of fucking her, the wife drops her pretention and says she can really feel his big dick deep inside him and shouts “Awesome!” She begins fucking him actively instead of passively and mounts and rides him.  When the guys ask her if the big guy’s dick is bigger than her husband’s, she tells them that she had never felt one that’s so thick.

For at least one month, the wife keeps letting the gang in and continues her “relations” with them.

Episode 2

The gang comes to visit the wife again. She tells them that this would be the last day that she will let them fuck her because she feels guilty betraying her husband and daughter. They proceed to fuck her, and tease the wife that she seems to be enjoying her last day with them too much.

Daughter comes home

While the wife is sitting on the cock on one of the guys, her daughter comes home. The daughter sees her in that position. The guys make her watch. Her eyes widen at the sight of her mom getting fucked by the men. The guys tell her they’re not harming her mom and to prove that, they untie her. “How does it feel to have your daughter watch you?” They ask the wife.

While the wife is sitting on the lap of a guy, riding his cock and on the way to cumming, Kazu, the gang leader, comes behind her and tells her, “Careful, your daughter is watching you.” She looks at her daughter in between moans but in the end, she pays no mind and lets herself cum.

The guys have been taking her pictures all along. She tells them she wants them all back. The guys reply that if she really wants them back, she needs to go the guy whom they sold her pictures too.

So she goes to the guy’s office. The guy’s name is Daigashi. He tells her that she can have them in exchange for a sexual favor. So she fucks him in his office.

After giving her the pictures, Daigashi calls someone behind a dresser who had been watching them all along. It is Shima, the one who brought the wife to an underground sex club in episode 1. Daigashi asks him what his impressions are. Shima says that an audience would really enjoy her. In a month, he continues, he’ll train her into a woman who only thinks about sex.

Daigashi also calls Kazu and tells him to not bother the wife anymore because they are taking over.

Episode 3

The husband is going on a business trip for a month. He tells his wife that they should come with him because it’s where he grew up. The wife agrees, and the daughter, who didn’t tell her dad about what she saw, hugs her.

The wife receives a call from Kazu and tells her that she should not come with her husband and just make an excuse that she’s going to her class reunion. So she didn’t.

Exactly right after sending off her family to the airport, the gang and Shima are waiting for the wife inside her home. With Shima’s guidance, they begin training her.

Episode 4

Shima makes the wife walk around town wearing a coat while two vibrators are working her pussy and her butthole. Her old neighbor sees her. Shima brings the old guy with them to a public restroom and allows him to have his way with his neighbor’s wife. She tells him not to tell her husband.

Shima brings the wife to an underground sex club and makes her perform there (this is the same part in the beginning of episode 1). After that, they go back home to her house and she joins him in the shower. Here, he reveals that his dick is damaged because of an accident and he can’t use it anymore. It’s the reason why he exploits innocent women like the wife.

The husband calls his old neighbor, asking if he has heard from his wife. He tells him that he called their home but the wife wasn’t  answering. The neighbor tells him not to worry, that he saw her that morning and will surely call him. Then he abruptly hangs up. He seems really guilty because he fucked the wife of his neighbor whom he has good relations with.

The husband comes home and only finds a goodbye note from his wife at their home.

Episode 5

The detective calls the husband in and tells him that he found his wife in a sex club and she is the special VIP call girl in that place. He heard that she’s very good at what she does. He also tells him about Shima being responsible for training his wife.

The husband goes to the club and asks some men about his wife. One of them tells him that he licked her asshole and she gasped happily. She returned the favor by licking his asshole, too. The husband can’t believe what he’s hearing. The guy continues on telling his experience with the husband’s wife. The husband couldn’t control himself and punches him. He gets beat up by the men in return.

The husband wakes up, his injuries attended to, in a room. His wife is there. She tells him to leave because a lot has happened to her. He says he doesn’t care as long as she comes back.

Daigashi and his henchman come in. The husband tells them to give her back. But Daigashi tells him that it’s his wife’s choice. The wife tells the husband that she can’t come with him because they have changed her and her body needs all of these perversions now.

The husband brings up their daughter. It’s effective and the wife falters and doubts about her decision. Daigashin takes over. He orders his men to tie the husband and make him watch his wife get gangbanged. Here, the husband sees for herself how his wife craves for dicks and extreme sexual perversions now.

Kazu comes into the room and kills Daigashi. The wife frees her husband. She tells him that now that he had seen firsthand what she has become, he should forget and hate her forever. He refuses and tells her that he will accept her again because it wasn’t her will to be changed like that.

Shima lets them go but warns the husband that his real problems are just starting because the blood of a bitch now courses through his wife’s veins and will never go away.

Final Thoughts

Nice cheating wife hentai. If you have a cheating wife fetish, then you should pay attention to the dialogues in a hentai, especially those in the middle of sex scenes because those dialogues will really play with your cheating wife fetish.

Secret of a Housewife (1999) aka Hiiro no Koku - screenshots
Secret of a Housewife (1999) aka Hiiro no Koku – screenshots

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