Eskandalosa (2002)


A young woman always cries rape: by her father (well not her real father because her real dad is her mother’s lover), by her half-brother, and by two young men while she is living with her boyfriend… but are they really true cases of rape?

Kailan tama ang mali? (1986)

February 10, 2023

The underbelly of Manila is a place for adultery as Pilar, the governor’s wife, kept her trysts with her lovers, for prostitution as Elizabeth descends into degradation, for excitement as Chat, the lonely wife keeps up her relationship with hired killer Edu.

Tatsulok (1998) aka Triangle

May 5, 2022

An Amerasian rock band drummer and tattoo artist is caught in a deadly love triangle with a married woman who used to be a sex worker and her 20-year-old daughter whom she gave up for adoption in infancy.