Misty (1976)


Misty arrives in a small town to look for her mother who abandoned her 22 years ago. She stays with a bisexual artist and her friends and models for her. Meanwhile, a Christian woman with a secret tries to save her perverted niece. In a small town, on a dark stormy night, Misty enters the local bar filled with lonely locals to hide from the rain. She is looking for her mother who abandoned her […]

Felicia (1975)


Paul, a teacher and his beautiful wife Gabrielle, a professional photographer have been married for 10 years. They invite their friend’s 15-year-old daughter Felicia to stay with them at their home in France while her mother recovers in a hospital in Switzerland. They discover that she is a beautiful young girl who is very unfriendly and most unhappy to stay with them. Gabrielle tries to help her enjoy herself by asking her to model for […]

Abigail Leslie Is Back in Town (1975)


Abigail Lesley’s return brings back painful memories for several inhabitants of a small, quiet fishing village hit by economic troubles. Abigail left town years ago after she and Gordon Howe were accidentally caught having sex by his wife Priscilla. Abigail is sexually liberated, predatory, and knows what she wants. And what she wants is revenge…sort of. She slowly gets in touch with former acquaintances, including Priscilla, and seduces them one by one. What starts off […]