My Student’s Mom 3 (2018)


A married female teacher is forced to go to the countryside because of a sudden provincial appointment. Under stress due to her excessive work and the changed environment, she finds herself hanging out often with Jeong-seok, a teacher who is staying next to her room at the boarding house. This will lead to an affair between them.

My Student’s Mom 3

My Student’s Mom 3 (2018)


Junior high school teacher Joo-hee (Park Joo-bin) goes on a business trip to attend a school-related event, leaving her husband and son to fend for themselves at home. Stressed by her excessive work during the event, she has a drink every night at her hotel room with Jeong-seok, a younger male co-teacher of her, which leads to them having sex. Meanwhile, feeling lonely due to her absence, Joo-hee’s husband starts an affair with his son’s […]


Seduction (2017)


Seul-gi has a satisfactory life with her rich and caring husband. However, she feels she’s lacking something and meets Seung-hwan to whom she is very much attracted to. Seung-hwan is a free spirited man and seduces Seul-gi. The two of them experience an exciting but dangerous relationship. However, her husband Jeong-ho finds out but he’s willing to let it go as he knows he loves her but he hasn’t been able to care for her […]

My Wife’s Video (2016)


Her husband is having an affair with his flirty secretary. He hides the affair from her, but his secretary takes videos of their trysts and shows it to her. The revelation frustrates her and she even tries to commit suicide. But she meets a man who comforts her. She ends up having an affair with him. She streams their sex video live to her husband’s phone as revenge for his unfaithfulness.