Forbidden Sex, Adultery (2011)


(Google Translated) Jae-hoon and Su-ae, who are in love for 7 years, are now accustomed to each other. One day, Jae Hoon, who runs the laundry, goes to Shin Ae’s home and steals Shin-Ae in the office and falls in love that day. Jae-hoon, who is suffering from a fever, calls the counseling center and confesses his concerns. Unexpectedly, Shin Eun accepts him easily. She often tempts her when she does not have a husband. […]

Bingbong: The Vincent Crisologo Story

November 5, 2017

Bingbong, son of the Governor of Ilocos Sur used to make headlines terrorizing people in their province with guns, goons and gold.Eventually, he paid for his misdeeds in Muntinlupa when he was charged with double life imprisonment because of arson. During his stay in jail, the once notorious political terror was changed better known as Bingbong, is a Filipino politician. He is the incumbent congressman of the 1st congressional district of Quezon City, Philippines having […]

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A Good Day to Have an Affair

November 5, 2017

Two bored housewives who use “Dewdrop” and “Tweetie” as their Internet chat room monikers are longing for a bit of excitement. Though Tweetie quickly hooks up with Fox, an older but eager salesman, at first she isn’t sure that the idea of an affair isn’t more exciting than its consummation. Fiesty 30ish Dewdrop, meanwhile, looking to pay back her cheating husband, finds the appropriate currency in a virginal 20-year-old college student. One day, when both […]

Poster for the movie "A Woman and a Man"

A Woman and a Man


Wu Shie Yan (Michael Tiu) is a debt collector going after Cheng Yao Cheng (Ken Tong) and his girlfriend Celia (Chan Wing-Chi) who’s shacked up in a valuable house and land that Yao Cheng is not able to cash in on yet due to a passage in the will of his dead wife. Through various disguises, Shie Yan gets into the house. Yao Cheng has disappeared so he waits out with Celia. Truths and developments […]