365 Days (2020) aka 365 dni
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365 Days
 116 min | Year: 2020 |  Poland

Massimo Torricelli, a young and handsome boss of a Sicilian Mafia family, has no other option but to takeover after his father has been assassinated. Laura is a sales director in a luxurious hotel in Warsaw. She has a successful career, but her private life lacks passion. She is taking one last shot to save her relationship. Together with her bone-headed boyfriend, Martin and some other friends, she takes a trip to Sicily. She does not expect that Massimo, the most dangerous man on the island, will get in her way, kidnap her, hold her captive and give her 365 days - to fall in love with him.

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Cheating Notes

Laura is an attractive, ball-busting Polish hotel executive who fights her corner in board meetings then goes home to her slobbish partner Martin and collection of dildos. Massimo is a gangster - but the young, sexy kind: he's described as having "a body sculpted by God... and a dick sculpted by the devil". Having caught a fleeting glimpse of Laura some years before and been obsessed with her ever since, Massimo is delighted to discover she is holidaying on his native Sicily. He promptly kidnaps her and tells her he will hold her for 365 days while attempting to make her fall in love with him. He tells her that he will not force himself onto her sexually and will wait until she desires him and comes to him willingly. He shows her photos of her boyfriend fucking someone to try to get him out of the picture, but she's not convinced that easily.

Even though Laura's a kidnapee, it doesn't take long (one day actually) before she starts playing 'Fifty Shades' with Massimo. She shit tests him, testing his manliness and stuff. He immediately answers by choking her or something and telling her that he is her boss and not the other way around. She starts giving him smiles now and then, but at the same time still shit testing him. He gives her back her phone and laptop, which means she can now freely call the cops to report her abduction but she doesn't.

Laura cockteases Massimo

Laura wakes up with the naked Massimo beside her on the bed. She teases him by getting naked and going into the shower. He also steps into the shower. She stares at his dick like she's turned on. He gets close to her, their bodies touch, and it looks like she is about to get in on with him but she starts walking away instead. He pulls her back and they do this push-pull thingy with words again and of course, they don't proceed to have sex.

Laura, dressed in a robe, comes to Massimo's hotel room and starts teasing him again by spreading her legs in front of him. When he takes his towel off and stands naked in front of her, she laughs and starts to leave. He stops her and chains her on the bed. Then, he lets in a chick and makes her suck his dick in front of Laura. When the chick is done, he starts kissing and touching Laura's body. Even though she got aroused with the whole thing, she utters, "I'm begging you.." So he stops and unchains her.

Laura continues cockteasing Massimo at a club. She dances with another guy to make him jealous. When the guy starts getting touchy with her and she starts objecting, Massimo steps in and points a gun at him. The guy is actually a powerful friend of Massimo and the incident taints their relationship.

Laura finally fucks Massimo

Because of the club incident, Laura finally lets Massimo fuck her in his yacht the next morning as her way of apology. She gives him a blowjob, he eats her pussy, even spitting on it before diving in. He fucks her doggy style, etc. They fuck in different areas of the yacht: in the bedroom, on the deck, beside the pool, on top of a table, etc. Their fucking scene is quite long and really intense.

Massimo fucks Laura while she's seated on a sink inside a bathroom. He then tells her to go back to Poland while he takes care of some stuff.

Back in Poland, Laura's now ex-boyfriend tries to win her back. He tags along with her from the club to her place against her wishes. When they open the door to her place, Massimo is there waiting for her. I think Laura's ex-boyfriend knows who he is by now and so he bails out. Laura and Massimo proceed to fuck and she tells him that she loves him.


Great and erotic teasing scenes between Laura and Mossimo (in the bathroom and at the hotel room) and their first sex on the yacht is very intense and adequately long.

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Original / Other Title:  365 dni

 Director:  Barbara Bialowas

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country:   Poland
Language:  Italian, Polish
Release Date:  7 February 2020

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