The Secret Game of the Immoral Wife (2016)
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 70 min | Year: 2016 |  Japan

Sensual drama with a thrilling storyline about the bizarre love that blossoms between a beautiful married woman and the man who stalks her. Part-time traffic surveyor Haruo falls head over heels for the married beauty Makoto (Iori Kogawa). He ends up repeatedly stalking her. One day, he discovers that her husband is cheating on her and drops the photographic evidence in the mailbox at Makoto's home.

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Cheating Notes

We see traffic surveyor Haruo stalk Makoto. He photographs her and follows her when she walks in the street daily. When he comes home in the evening to his place which is just across the street from hers, he spies on her using a pair of binoculars. He also grabs her trash and picks up her discarded personal belongings like toothbrush, dress, etc. His wall is full of pictures of her.

Haruo sees Makoto having sex with her husband while spying on her with his binoculars one day. He touches himself while watching them. A street whore whom he knew comes in and gives him head (and also fucks him later) while he watches the couple in exchange for money.

While following Makoto one day, Haruo sees a pimp offer her something in the street, probably a job as a whore or something like that. He gets offended and attacks the pimp when Makoto walks far away enough but gets beaten up instead.

Haruo witnesses Makoto's husband fuck a chick at a hotel. He jerks off while listening to them fuck from an adjacent room, but now he feels it's his duty to inform Makoto about her husband's infidelity. He takes photos of her husband and his lover the next time they go to a hotel and sends them to Makoto. He gets disappointed when, while viewing her with his binoculars, she just tears the letter and photos that he sent to her. She even fucks her husband intensely that night. He screams in frustration and cries as he watches her bounce up and down passionately on her husband's dick despite knowing the fact that he is cheating on her.

The husband and his mistress

Wife knows

Earlier, If we see the previous events from the perspective of Haruo, now we see it from Makoto's. It turns out that she is well aware that Haruo is stalking her. We see her put her husband's toothbrush and her old dress in the trash and watched secretly from behind her front door as Haruo picked up her garbage bag. She also saw him get beat up by the pimp, saw him put his anonymous letter in her mailbox, etc. If before, we only get to see her fucking from afar (aka from Haruo's perspective), now we get really up close and see her fucking her husband inside their bedroom, which is nice.

Stalker gets lucky with wife

Makoto notices that Haruo is not picking up her trash and not following her in the streets anymore (because of his disappointment towards her muted reaction to her husband's infidelity). It looks like she misses the attention that her stalker was giving him. One night, with a bottle of alcohol in hand, she drinks in the middle of a bridge facing Haruo's place. She lifts her shirt and flashes her boobs for Haruo, thinking he might be spying on her at that moment. It turns out that he's not when she sees him just about to go inside his place with the whore. She silently enters his house and secretly watches Haruo and the whore fuck. When they are done, the whore leaves without noticing her while Haruo goes to sleep. Makoto takes this opportunity to check his place out in a drunken state, silently laughing and smiling with amusement while looking at her blown-up photos that he posted on his wall and reading his journal that contains things about her.

Makoto lays beside Haruo and faces him, smiling and uttering some words. Haruo wakes up and sees her. As he had fantasized about the whore being Makoto and lying beside him like this several times in the past, he thinks this is just one of those fantasies so he confidently kisses Makoto and starts making love to him (I find this first kiss between them erotic). Makoto reacts positively with the confidence that he has shown and consensually makes love to him. It's really good for Haruo to think that this is just his fantasy which makes him act confidently. Otherwise, his reaction would have been that of his usual beta self: he would have fumbled and mumbled and move away from her instead of kissing her and wouldn't have been able to bang her. I really love this scene.

The wife and her stalker

In the morning, Haruo still lies on top of Makoto, in between her legs which are still spread wide open. Makoto wakes up and now that she's sober, screams when she realizes that another guy who isn't her husband is on top of her. Her scream wakes Haruo up too, and he gets confused at what's happening. Did he really just fuck his fantasy wife?

Makoto pushes Haruo off him, points a pair of scissors at him and calls him a pervert. She leaves but returns when she realizes that she left her pair of panties. She searches for it and grabs it when she finds it and leaves for good this time. While having a meal with her husband later, she suddenly laughs, thinking about the whole thing. I guess that means our stalker Haruo is safe from rape charges coming from her. While offering her husband a piece of food using her chopsticks, she looks knowingly in the direction of the window, knowing that Haruo is probably looking at her. He is.

Wife gives her stalker the key to her house

When Makoto throws her trash next time, Haruo is there. He is back to his beta self and greets her as such, smiling and bowing to her meekly. Hence, our hotwife does not react positively. Haruo doesn't need to worry too long though, as he finds that Makoto threw in her house key in the garbage bag. Haruo comes to her house and uses the key to enter it. He finds Makoto waiting for him in bed and they fuck.

Wife and her stalker fuck just outside her bedroom where her husband is sleeping

One night, Makoto signals to Haruo to come over from her window. They fuck on the floor just outside the couple's bedroom, with the bedroom door slightly open and Makoto can see her husband sleeping inside.

While Makoto is walking with her husband with shopping bags in their hand, she turns around and sees Haruo following her, as usual. She tells her husband that she forgot something and comes back to the direction of Haruo. She greets him politely like he's a stranger in case her husband is looking but it's a signal for him to follow her. They fuck in an unfinished apartment somewhere. I'm not sure but this scene could just be a fantasy of Haruo.

Makoto continues to fuck her husband passionately. One time, she rides and humps him fiercely on their bed while taking a glance at the window towards Haruo, as if teasing him. The next day, they fuck at his place.

The final scene is that of Haruo chasing the couple's van while Makoto and her clueless husband are laughing at him while looking at him in the rearview mirror.


I like it when it is revealed that Makoto is well aware that Haruo is stalking her. I find it sexy when a wife knows that someone likes her and is spying on her, and yet, she tolerates it and not tell her husband about it. Her reason could be just to avoid trouble with her husband and she might not even like the guy, at least at first, and has no intention of cheating with him. But eventually, maybe she will give him a little bit of this or that (maybe show him more skin, more cleavage when she gets near him, or maybe lets him touch her "accidentally") for reasons like, maybe she's bored at that time, or she would like to reward his efforts a little bit more, or she's missing the attention when he stops giving it to her, just like in this movie. I've seen this happen in real life a few times and I find it really sexy. The cherry on top, of course, is if the wife eventually gets horny with the guy and she decides to have sex with him. Now that, I haven't seen in real life (I mean, of course, it happens but I just haven't seen it personally) and I'm glad that there are movies like this where I can see it happen.

Highly recommended.

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Original / Other Title:  Etsuraku kôsaten: Onna no ura ni deau toki, 悦楽交差点

 Director:  Hideo Jôjô

Genres: Mystery, Romance

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  21 August 2016

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