Abel Morado: Ikaw Ang May Sala
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 112 min | Year: 1993 |  Philippines

Aga Muhlach stars as Abel Morado who tries to clear his name after being accused for an offense he did not commit. His only sin is to love a politician's daughter whose crazy boyfriend pelted him of the crime. Will Abel ever get out of this mess?

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Cheating Notes

Rich girl Katy takes a fancy to Abel, a waiter, when she and her boyfriend eat in the restaurant where he is working at (5:47). Later, she comes back to the restaurant without her boyfriend, befriends and flirts with Abel, and pretty soon, after a few meetings,  it leads to them making out at 37:20. It is a very dark scene, and does not lead to sex because Abel says they're moving too fast.

Just right after their makeout scene, there's a wife of a cop having sex with her lover when her husband suddenly comes home. She has to pretend that her lover is a thief and the cop shoots him while he exits through the bedroom window and runs away.

Katy and Abel elope and have sex for the first time at 1:00:49 but it is also a dark scene so we also don't see much.

Then, the two make out in a lake and below a falls starting at 1:05:53. This scene is shot in daylight so we get to see some sexy scene, but Katy does not really show us any of her goods because she is wearing a semi-transparent nightie or something. Who takes a bath in the lake like that?

Meanwhile, the lover of the cop's wife returns to fuck her at 1:12:42. The scene is also a bit dark. The wife's boob takes a peek out of her shirt but it gets censored. This time, they really get caught by the husband. All of a sudden, he is standing right there in front of them, and he asks them sarcastically if their lovemaking is any good.

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Original / Other Title:  Abel Morado: It's Your Fault

 Director:  Maryo J. de los Reyes

Genres: Action, Drama

Country:   Philippines
Language:  Filipino
Release Date:  23 June 1993

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