Bar Tango (2015)
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 85 min | Year: 2015 |  South Korea

A woman has a relationship with an older biker. He introduces her to his junior, who is a player and a jerk. She loathes him at first, he who hits on her and tries to kiss her despite being friends with her boyfriend. But eventually, she can't deny that she has fallen for him and she crosses a line that she may not come back from...

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Cheating Notes

The middle-aged biker meets up with his younger friend in a cafe and introduces his young girlfriend to him. Prior to that, his girlfriend came in earlier and saw his friend getting a blowjob from a chick in an exclusive room in the cafe. She immediately doesn't like the guy, especially when he hits on her when her boyfriend is out of earshot.

The biker gets drunk and his friend drives his girlfriend home. He stops along the way and tries to kiss her. She slaps him. When they meet again a few days later in a restaurant, he starts licking her hand. She lets it linger and then she slaps him again.

The three go to a hotel resort by the beach for the weekend. They drink during the night and the biker gets drunk first and dozes off. His young friend makes a move on his girlfriend. She still looks like she hates him, but she gives in and fucks him in a standing position against the wall, just a few meters away from her sleeping boyfriend (31:25).

The biker's girlfriend and his young friend meet and fuck in a hotel room.

One day, the girlfriend leaves the side of her sleeping boyfriend to go to the cafe and meet her boyfriend's friend. Her boyfriend wakes up and suspects something, and also goes to the cafe. He catches his girlfriend and his young friend already having foreplay in the exclusive room in the cafe.

The biker leaves the cafe. His girlfriend searches for him but cannot find him. She goes back to the cafe and finds his boyfriend's friend fucking the chick that gave him a blowjob earlier. She's disappointed and will get her revenge at the end of the movie.

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 Director:  Park Gap-jong

Genres: Romance, Drama

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  1 January 2015

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